Is Rasa Catering Halal Certified?
Yes we are halal certified.
What is the difference between regular buffet and mini buffet/mini party set?
Regular buffet comes with complete buffet set-up, and  while mini buffet/mini party set is served in microwavable box suited for 8-10 people (mini family set) .
How much should I order the Food?
All customers are encouraged to place their orders based on the number of guests invited and include an additional of approximately 10 to  15% to cater as buffer , if heavier consumption is expected. Do note that some guests may consume more than the food portion catered for them.                                                   **Add-on of additional pax can only be done in incremental of 10 pax.
Can I change or swap some food items to vegetarian items?
Yes, you may. For assistance, kindly email us at, and you may contact to 98889357
Are the prawns deshelled?
In some cases yes until ask for de shelled prawns, most of the prawn dishes comes with shell as we need to give the quality dishes.
Can I add on the main course or any items on the menu?
Yes, you can add on additional items , you may consider placing a side order for the additional main course needed.please do let us know what items you want to add on and the additional cost will be involved on each item.
Can I change my drinks to other items on the menu?
you can swap the drinks to drink not a food item.
Can I replace dim sum to other items?
Yes, you can change it to finger food or desserts only but it will be subject to availability.
How do I place my order?
You may visit our website and follow our seamless ordering process or call our friendly sales consultants at +65 98889357
How do I know if my order is confirmed?
Your order will be confirmed upon payment and an confirmation email will be sent to you.
If I need to change my order, how do I do it?
If you need to make changes to your order, you can call us at +65 98889357 at least 4 working days before your event date. Our sales managers will be able to assist you.
I do not have enough guests to meet the min. number of pax indicated, can I still proceed with the order with lower number of pax?
Unfortunately, this is not allowed but exceptional cases will be subject to approval. Alternatively, you can look at our mini feast sets. It is catered for smaller groups. You may view our menus at:
How many disposable cutleries will be given?
We provide a 20% buffer for the number of catered pax. For example, if you cater for 80 pax, 96 disposable cutleries will be given.
Is the eating time same as the set up time?
No, they are different. For set up time, our drivers will come 45 mins to 1 hour before event time to do the buffet set up, For eating time, it is when everything is ready.
Can I add on additional pax or change my order after I have placed my order?
Yes, you can do so if you inform us 5 working days in advance. For assistance, kindly email us at or call our hotline +65 98889357** Please note that this is on a case-by-case basis
I would like to place an order, however, I am not able to select my preferred time slot on the website.
The time slot is currently being blocked online as it is full. For assistance, kindly email us at or call our hotline +65 93339857
What are the delivery charges like?
For regular buffets: $50+GST for non-CBD areas and $60+GST for CBD areas
For takeaway sets: $30+GST for non-CBD areas and $40+GST for CBD areas
Separate charges will be applied for Live Stations, Wedding and Banquet.
CBD area postal codes include 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 23.
Additional $10+GST is chargeable for delivery locations to Sentosa and Jurong Island on top of the delivery fee.
What time will the collection be?
As our food is best consumed within 4 hours, our drivers will collect the buffet set-up 4 hours upon arrival and this includes the set up time. Set-up will take approximately 45 minutes from the time of arrival. You may arrange for the collection to be made after the 4-hour duration but extended hours are chargeable at $10.70 (with GST price) per hour. For collections after 11:00 pm or next day, a $64.20 (with GST price) will be imposed.
How do I pay?
Payment will be made at end of each online order via credit card.  
Do you accept credit card payment?
Yes, we accept Visa or Mastercard.
Can I pay with cheque?
Credit card or cash payment is preferred.
Can I pay with cash?
Cash payment is available on a case by case basis.
Can I get an official invoice for my company?
Yes, you can get an official invoice, however, our invoices are only generated 1 day before your event date. Thus, you will only receive it on the event date itself.
How much space is required for your buffet table set-up?
Each table measures 6 feet by 2 feet (oblong table). The number of tables allocated will be based on the number of dishes ordered. In normal circumstances, a total of 3-4 tables will be allocated per buffet which will make up to 18 feet by 2 feet. Do advise on the space availability when you place your order and our sales consultants will try to accommodate as much as we can.
Can I split the buffet set up into 2 lines of buffet?
You are able to do so if you have more than 250 pax . For assistance, kindly email us at or call our hotline +65 98889357.
Can I use my table for the buffet set up?
Yes, you can use your table for buffet set up, however, do note that prices remain the same.
I am afraid I do not have enough space, what should I do?
You can consider our mini sets that do not require any buffet set ups. You may view our menus at: